Getting started with PCI DSS

Getting started with PCI DSS

Though the road to PCI compliance can at times feel daunting, getting started with the process and taking it step by step is often the best way to proceed. Achieving and maintaining compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard is an ongoing cycle with three distinct steps: Assess, Remediate and Report.


Remember that businesses that accept payment cards must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI DSS is a minimum standard that should be used to minimise the risk to cardholder data. Furthermore, it is an industry regulatory requirement worldwide. In the following video ‘Getting started with PCI DSS’ we analyse the three steps in detail.

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For further information on PCI DSS, read our article and watch the video ‘What is PCI DSS and why is it important?’


What is PCI DSS and why is it important?