Thousands of merchants certified against PCI DSS V3.0 with Sysnet’s ComplianceMaker 3.0


Feb 11th, 2015, Dublin, Ireland / Atlanta, Georgia – Sysnet Global Solutions today announced that since January 1st 2015 and following the upgrade of the vast majority of its clients to ComplianceMaker 3.0, almost 40,000 merchants have successfully certified against PCI DSS v3.0. Of these 40,000 merchants almost 7,000 have certified to newly introduced SAQ types.


Since January 1st 2015 all merchants are required to attest compliance with PCI DSS v3.0. ComplianceMaker 3.0 is delivered as a fully white-labeled compliance management solution that enables acquiring organisations to manage the compliance progress of their merchant portfolio and to automatically generate card scheme reports in the exact format in which they are required.


“Given our market leading engagement rates, ensuring that our clients’ customers had a smooth transition to PCI DSS v3.0 was top priority for Sysnet and we are delighted to announce that so many merchants have successfully certified with the new PCI DSS version and where applicable to the new SAQ types” Commented Gabriel Moynagh , CEO at Sysnet Global Solutions,


“The successful transition can be attributed to close working relationships with our clients, the intuitive nature of the compliance management portal, and the expert assistance provided by both our telephone and chat based customer support teams.


Meeting the change-over deadline supports our goal of being the premier global provider of compliance management, customer engagement, and retention solutions in the payments industry.”


“Helping business owners protect themselves and their customers by being PCI DSS compliant is of paramount importance at Worldpay.


And teaming with Sysnet to make their certification to the new 3.0 standard easy has been just as important,” said Sarah Arvin, Worldpay US Vice President of Product Strategy. “As the leaders in modern money, we make accepting payments simple so our customers can focus on growing their businesses.”


PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive requirements developed by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) for enhancing the security of payment account data, transactions and payment systems. The PCI SSC operates to a three year development lifecycle for its Payment Card Security Standards.


The new versions of the PCI DSS and PA DSS were published in November 2013 and became active in January of this year. Since January 2015, organisations can no longer report using PCI DSS v2.0 and are required to attest compliance with PCI DSS v3.0.


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