Webinar: Internet of Things – The Intergalactic Highway by James Seaman, Senior Security Consultant


February 24th 2017. Sysnet Global Solutions’ Senior Security Consultant, James Seaman will present a webinar entitled the Internet of Things – The Intergalactic Highway on February 25th 2015 at 12:00pm.


The presentation will aim to identify what components contribute to the Internet of things (IOT). Having identified the components the webinar will provide a brief history and its evolution of the past 50 years and predictions for the future.


An overview of the positive and negative perspectives will be discussed, aligning them to the development of traditional highways and applying lessons-learned from the development of the highways and vehicles using it.


The presentation will provide an insight into the background and evolution of the IOT concept and the future challenges and responsibilities faced to ensure that the opportunities outweigh the potential threats.


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