EMV – Bye, bye magnetic-stripe, hello microchips

EMV – Bye, bye magnetic-stripe, hello microchips

With the EMV deadline of October 1st 2015 here and gone a reported 85% of merchants not being aware of the financial and legal liabilities they’ll be responsible for, we look at what impact it will have on merchants.


In the infographic “Bye, bye magnetic-stripe, hello microchips” we examine the key impacts the EMV roll out will have on merchants and list potential solutions to assist with the transition.


With Sysnet’s Merchant Contact Services we can reach out to your merchants and help them become EMV compliant. We offer a wide range of services from outbound merchant contact campaings to encourage terminal upgrades to inbound contact support services for related questions. We will also run an ISO outreach campaign support to ensure your ISO-channel merchants become compliant.


EMV | Bye, bye Magnetic-Stripe | Hello Microchips



For further information or to request a call back visit Merchant Contact Services, email sales@sysnetgs.com or call 770 804 6429.


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