EMV – Taking care of business in the U.S


With 85% of merchant businesses unaware of the financial and legal liabilities they’ll be responsible for starting at the beginning of October, we take a look at the key impacts that will affect these businesses.

“Download our whitepaper: Taking-Care-of-Business-in-the-U.S. where we examine what the impact the EMV roll out will have on merchants and list potential solutions to help bridge the gap.”



With Sysnet’s Merchant Contact Services we can reach out to your merchants to help them become EMV compliant. Our Merchant Contact Services ranges from outbound merchant campaigns to encourage merchants to upgrade their terminals to inbound contact support services for EMV related questions and ISO outreach campaign support to ensure your ISO-channel merchants become EMV compliant.


For further information or to request a call back visit Merchant Contact Services, email sales@sysnetgs.com or call 770 804 6429.


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