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We have been listening closely to our clients to understand the challenges they face day to day around their PCI DSS requirements. One of the most common difficulties facing acquiring organisations is around the management of compliance of their account managed merchant customers.


Difficulties can range from the collection and collation of data, tracking of cross channel communications and more often than not the lack of a centralised document repository. Added to this is the continuously evolving reporting requirements of the card brands.


Our ground-breaking solution VIP Manager addresses all of these challenges, and more. VIP Manager helps acquiring organisations to efficiently and effectively manage the PCI compliance of their most important customers and is available now.


VIP Manager has a number of features:

  • Relationship management tool for acquiring organisations to manage their strategically important customers’ compliance.
  • Acquiring organisations can keep their important customers’ compliance on track with VIP Managers compliance focussed workflow tasks.
  • Streamlined up to date reporting, in line with card brands’ reporting requirements.
  • Internal management reporting and management oversight of the compliance process.


What problem does VIP Manager solve?

Some of the problems that acquiring organisations can have when it comes to managing their relationship managed customers, can include:


  • Inconsistent and often poorly managed communications and interactions.
  • Manual compliance reporting.
  • Lack of available human and technical resources.

The beauty of VIP Manager is that it helps acquiring organisations to manage, report and progress their customers’ compliance from a single point. It allows for tracking of emails, storing of compliance documents and the logging of all touch points for a full history of customer interactions.


The progress of customers compliance managed via VIP Manager is captured in up to date reporting formats as required by the card brands. Making life easier for our acquiring clients to manage merchants across all PCI levels.


Want to know more? Watch the Webinar – The challenges of managing PCI compliance of large, complex merchants


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