Outsourcing Customer Contact Services


Outsourcing makes sense and is widely practiced by many organisations for all sorts of business processes.  However, within the payments industry, one area where outsourcing is not so readily embraced is that of merchant contact services and with good reason. One of the primary disadvantages of outsourcing this service is the lack of customer focus.


When the vendor is dealing with multiple products and customers at the same time, it can be difficult for them to get any real understanding of the requirements and issues faced by businesses in a payment acceptance context.


However, despite the negative aspects of outsourcing the reality is that customers still want their calls answered quickly all of the time, they still want you to engage with them on a regular basis and through multiple channels, and you still have new solutions to implement and sales targets to meet.


Resources may be an issue but interacting with customers is essential to growing your business and keeping your customers happy and engaged.


Don’t compromise!

Outsourcing customer contact services doesn’t have to mean you compromise on quality. Partnering with a provider who understands the payment industry can have multiple benefits. Your customers become more engaged and see you as a business partner who is interested in helping them to run their business more effectively and efficiently.


In addition cross-sell and up-sell opportunities can be realised ultimately leading to more engaged, loyal customers who are less likely to move to a competitor for a small rate cut.


Factors to consider when choosing a contact services outsourcing partner


  • Does the company have knowledge of the payment industry?
  • Do they have experience of dealing with customers in your country/region?
  • If multi-lingual services are required, can they deliver on all requirements?
  • Can the company respond to variations in demand – switching services on and off as needed?
  • Can they provide both inbound and outbound services?
  • Can they provide a fully white-labelled service?
  • Do they use the latest technology?
  • Is the service transparent, do they provide comprehensive reporting?
  • And finally, does the company have sufficient contact centre experience?

Choosing a provider who meets all of your requirements will enable you to achieve your business goals, without compromising on customer service.


Sysnet’s Merchant Contact Services is a scalable, on-demand customer contact service that enables acquiring organisations to respond to market conditions while also proactively engaging with customers through their customers preferred channels; phone, web-chat, email, SMS and social media.


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