Security – who cares about small businesses? We do!


Most small businesses know that their customers’ loyalty is key to their success and constantly strive to keep their customers happy and coming back time and time again. However, many don’t realise that failing to secure their customers sensitive payment information, puts not only their customers’ loyalty but also the survival of their business at risk.


Furthermore, when small businesses think about security of card payments they are generally concerned with making sure they don’t get hit with fraudulent transactions, protecting their customers’ payment information is not really on their radar.


That said, our experience suggests that when the need to protect this information is clearly communicated to those businesses, most will want to do what they can to protect their business and their customers –  but they don’t know where to start and they need help. Most small businesses share a few common characteristics;


  • They don’t have a security budget,
  • They don’t understand what is needed to make their business secure and compliant,
  • They don’t have time to research, review, select and implement appropriate security tools.


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So what have we done to make security easier for small businesses?

In a nutshell, we simplify and protect. Through our Sysnet.air security and compliance solution, we take away as much of the pain as possible. We ask simple, easy to understand questions that help to build up a detailed profile of the business, uncovering any risky practices along the way.


We then use the information gathered to present the small business with only the solutions that are necessary to secure their business. This approach not only helps the small businesses it also helps our clients to better understand where the real risk lies within their level 4 merchant book.


We present the security solutions in a way that is easy for the merchants to understand, we don’t tell customers they need to run a PAN Scan, we tell them they need to check to see if they are storing their customers’ payment information in a way that could make it easy for hackers to steal. 


We guide them through the steps needed to protect their business, constantly communicating with them to make sure they remember to take action, congratulate them when they reach certain milestones, and motivate them to stay on track. For example, merchants can be rewarded with breach insurance when they have done all that they possibly can to protect their customers information.


The tools we offer help the small business operate securely.  PCI DSS compliance and the protection of payment card data is only one of the benefits of using those tools. 


The solution enables the education of small businesses on security, offering them tools that help them to understand their exposure to threats and protect not only payment card data but also their own proprietary data and customers’ personal/sensitive data.


But what about compliance?

Well that’s much easier now. When a business  focuses on protecting their customers’ payment information and securing their business, compliance is no longer a burdensome task and for some it may be a simple acknowledgement that they are meeting all requirements of the standard, others may only be required to answer a small number of questions and/or run quarterly scans.


We care about the small guys, because together they make up a significant percentage of our customers’ overall payments, and a lot of small unsecured businesses means a lot of risk. We help our customers to know their risk and help their small businesses’ customers at the same time.


Sysnet.air, Sysnet’s security and compliance management solution, is specifically designed to help small and medium sized businesses to protect their businesses with minimum effort. 


Furthermore, if the small business doesn’t want to manage the process themselves we also provide a fully managed services that enable you to provide a completely outsourced security and compliance management service to your small business merchants. Contact us today for further information or visit the Sysnet.air section of our new website.


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Find out more about our Cyber Security and Compliance Solutions

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