Customer engagement – driving compliance through customer engagement

Customer engagement - driving compliance through customer engagement

Many factors can impact the effective delivery of a PCI programme for acquirers, processors and ISOs.  From how customers are engaging with their PCI programme to what channel and communications are compelling them to take action.


Download our Best Practice Guide where we take a look at how an omni-channel approach can improve customer engagement , download the full article and white paper below.


In the paper ‘Customer Engagement – Driving compliance through customer engagement’ we look at the effectiveness of driving compliance through customer engagement using a multi-channel approach along with the impact that each channel can have in influencing programme interaction. 


We explore impacts at various stages of the PCI DSS journey and what actions can be taken in order to increase compliance and customer engagement levels.


We explore customer data around interactions within the compliance portal against available communication channels information to help us build customer insights and intelligence.  Understanding what communication channels perform better for what purpose.


We consider at what stage in the PCI journey a different channel should be introduced to improve interaction. The more intelligent the data gleaned from these platforms, the more effective each outbound channel campaign will be.


There is value in each and every communication channel. When used in conjunction with each other against where a customer is in the lifecycle of their PCI DSS programme can result in a much more powerful customer engagement model.


The key focuses for Sysnet is in supporting acquiring organisations, processors and ISOs in delivering a high quality customer experience combined with a proactive engagement model to drive PCI DSS compliance in order to help their customers protect themselves from fraud.


Download the whitepaper: ‘Customer Engagement – Driving compliance through customer engagement’


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