Visa – The new compliance playbook

Visa - The new compliance playbook

According to a recent announcement, Visa will now require 100% of level 4 merchants in the US and Canada to have validated their PCI DSS compliance annually starting January 31st 2017. Whilst it has always been necessary for level 4 merchants to be compliant, these new rules will ensure that a consistent level of card security is achieved on annual basis.


With the U.S. roll out of EMV last year, it is presumed that fraud will largely move online, similar to what occurred in Europe and Canada after EMV implementation. Ensuring that your customers are PCI DSS compliant is therefore essential in reducing risk.


In the following infographic – The New Compliance Playbook, we examine what the new rules mean for your organisation as well as your level 4 customers. To find out how your organisation can meet 100% compliance ask for a call back



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