SMB security a vital component of your overall security strategy


Just in the the US alone, there are approximately 28 million SMBs many of which struggle with keeping their business safe from cybercriminals, they often lack the knowledge, resources and budget to implement a suitable cybersecurity plan. Given the sheer volume of SMBs within the majority of acquiring portfolios, the security of these customers can have a large impact on your business.


If a quantity of SMBs fall victim to a cyber-attack then this can cause a substantial challenge to their acquirer as well as the individual businesses. 


Thanks to media coverage and initiatives proposed by the White House, Homeland Security and the PCI Council’s Small Merchant Task Force in the UK, making headline news, a growing number of SMBs now understand that strong security is required if they are to keep their business from becoming the next victim of cyber-crime.


The right tools              

Cyber-attacks can cause disruption of business operations, loss of business data and having to spend valuable time recovering and repairing the damage resulting from an attack.


Additionally a data breach involving the theft of cardholder data and subsequent fraudulent activities, can result in the acquiring bank applying fines and suspending processing of card payments. Real-time security tools that business owners understand and that gives them the peace of mind is what is required, the reality however is that there are many solutions that simply mislead or are too confusing.


Providing SMBs with the right cybersecurity tools, education and guidance is the key to ensuring that they can continue to focus on their day to day business.


Using our Sysnet.air security and compliance solution, we enable our acquiring clients to empower their SMB customers with security solutions that make it clear to businesses what gaps are in their security and what solutions are available. Each step of the way guidance is provided which in turn strengthens the loyalty and trust that your clients have in you, their acquirer.


These tools are available to be offered to your customers, to strengthen their cybersecurity stance, and lower the risk of breach.


More importantly they can provide your organisation with new revenue streams via optional tailored security and compliance packages that your customers can opt into on a rolling monthly basis.

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