Streamline VIP customer compliance management


Managing your database of customers across all PCI DSS levels can be challenging and may involve multiple spreadsheets, documents and email accounts scattered across your business. Engaging your relationship managed customers and guiding them through their PCI DSS journey can be complicated and challenging to keep track of.


Sysnet’s VIP Manager addresses these issues in one easy-to-use, centralised, on-line solution. You will have a comprehensive overview across your relationship managed compliance portfolio and a holistic view of each individual VIP customer’s status.


VIP Manager is designed to empower you by keeping track of all customer PCI DSS related tasks, milestones and communications so that your organisation can manage your customer’s compliance journey more effectively.


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VIP Manager Key Features:


  • Tracks merchants’ progress towards the achievement of compliance.
  • Logs and tracks engagement and interaction with each VIP account.
  • Monitors compliance team’s activity.
  • Uploads and stores multiple report types to a single central repository.
  • Configures and outputs card scheme returns in the required format.
  • Provides ad hoc internal management reports.

VIP Manager can be delivered as a stand-alone service or as part of our Sysnet.air solution.


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