Solving the tribal knowledge problem


The concept of a connected workplace or even a virtual work space is certainly not a new one, and with cloud-based technology advancing at an increasingly fast pace, it is getting easier to get closer to this concept.


However, in the case where a customer is being managed by a small team, or even one individual, the sharing of knowledge and handover to other team members or departments can be an issue.


This situation has been termed ‘tribal knowledge’, where the information on how an organisation operates is held by a small pool of people and not shared or disseminated to a wider group, outside of that circle, and is a problem that exists in a full range of industries.


The challenge

We’ve all been guilty of discussing things with colleagues over a call or via instant messaging and then either documenting things using a series of different tools or in the worst case, not documenting at all, and just keeping it in our heads.


As a result the same questions keep being asked and the same outcomes keep occurring and key information gets lost. Continuing this approach leads to an overall reduction in the effectiveness, productivity of an organisation and results in work being duplicated as well as confusion and frustration.


These issues are then compounded when the individuals who hold the key information are not available, out sick or take vacation.


A solution

Essentially tribal knowledge is a result of lack of integration from a system perspective. Within the acquirer industry, our observation is that there was no available tools or systems to overcome the tribal knowledge issue, when managing relationship based customers.


We observed that many acquirers use a combination of software products and spreadsheets to manage their largest and most important customers.


Based on Sysnet’s experience, supporting acquirers and the unique insight that provides, we believe that an all in one solution that includes cross-departmental management of all communications with your relationship based customers is a more efficient and effective approach. To find out more about how Sysnet.air can help manage your VIP Customers request a call back today.


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