Your customers find security and compliance complicated, how you can help


We all know that security and compliance can be complicated for businesses. There are so many components for your customers to consider and manage. Businesses, in particular, small to medium ones often just want the pain to be taken away. The bottom line is that over the years when it comes to securely accepting payment cards it has become more complicated for businesses.


Lighten the work load

Many businesses would rather not spend additional time or resources on something that they consider a barrier to them running their day to day operations. It’s not that they are not aware of the importance of being secure and compliant but rather they view it as something that is too complicated and confusing to understand.


In fact some will even look to local IT or accountancy services to get them through the process. This can lead to a poorly implemented security and compliance plan in which the business is not truly secure or compliant. The reality is that many business are looking for solutions that will lighten the work load of being secure.


Empower your customers

Acquiring organisations are in an ideal position to proactively assist their customers by improving their security, reducing risk and being compliant with standards such as PCI DSS.  Offering your customers the option to have their security and compliance managed by their acquirer not only makes it easier for businesses to focus on their business but it also provides a new revenue stream for you, the acquirer.


A monthly white labelled subscription service ensures that your customers need not be concerned when they are filling out their SAQ and that they can be rest assured that their business is covered. It certainly makes more sense than paying their accountant to help with the SAQ!


Using a service such as Sysnet’s Managed Services, you can empower your customers with services that enables them to be secure and compliant and at the same time generate new sources of revenue. Sysnet offer a number of offerings including Fully Managed, Compliance Managed Services, and Technical Managed Services. For further information request a call back or email


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