Sysnet announces the launch of Sysnet.air 2 incorporating version 3.2 of the PCI DSS ahead of the October 31st deadline.


July 14, 2016. Sysnet Global Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of Sysnet.air 2, our next generation market leading, fully white-labelled compliance management software for the payments industry. Introducing version 3.2 of the PCI DSS ahead of the October 31st deadline, Sysnet Global Solutions are helping our acquiring clients lead the way in adopting the latest version of the standard across their level 4 PCI DSS programme.


Keeping up to date with the PCI DSS standard is important for acquiring organisations to reduce their risk by helping their merchant customers address emerging threats that may leave them vulnerable to a data breach. We are delighted to be supporting Elavon as the first acquiring organisation on Sysnet.air 2 whose merchant customers are now reporting to v3.2 of the PCI DSS standard.


“At Elavon, we recognise the constantly changing threats from viruses and hackers can seem overwhelming for small business owners. Keeping ahead of these emerging threats is essential, and through our Secured by Elavon programme we help our customers to become compliant and to ensure their customer data is securely managed.


We are excited to announce that our Secured by Elavon portal is first to implement the latest PCI data security standards (version 3.2), delivered via Sysnet.air.”


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In addition to the adoption of version 3.2 of the PCI DSS, we have introduced a number of additional exciting features to Sysnet.air 2 including:


The Sysnet.air dynamic dashboard – our new and improved dashboard is based on an intuitive user experience, enhancing and personalising the PCI DSS reporting journey for merchant businesses. 

The Sysnet.air dynamic dashboard also provides opportunities for acquiring organisations to present relevant and timely product messaging to their customers. Designed to improve engagement and the adoption of products that ultimately help merchant businesses to go that bit further in protecting their businesses.


Our simplified help text is another key feature that we have introduced as part of Sysnet.air 2 in our ongoing drive to improve the customer experience. The simplified help text adopts everyday language by removing industry and technical jargon, and explaining what steps a business may need to consider to meet their requirements in a more conversational tone of voice.




About Sysnet Global Solutions

Established in 1989, Sysnet Global Solutions provides payment card industry, cyber security and compliance solutions that help businesses to improve security and acquiring organisations to reduce risk. Specialising in data security and PCI DSS compliance validation solutions, Sysnet offers a range of services, including its award-winning, proprietary, cyber security and compliance management solution Sysnet.air®, to a wide variety of businesses including acquirers, ISOs, international banks, payment service providers and merchants.


Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Sysnet has clients in more than 45 countries worldwide.


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