Are your customers looking to outsource their security and compliance?

Who are your customers outsourcing their security to?

Security and compliance is a lot like having to do taxes, it’s a chore. Most businesses understand that it is important to be secure and compliant, but the complexity and time that it can take can indeed be off putting. In fact some businesses turn to accountants to look after their compliance with standards such as PCI DSS.


Of course most accountants are not experts in data security and PCI DSS compliance which can lead to businesses not actually being compliant when they think that they are. With businesses looking to outsource their security and compliance, shouldn’t we be helping them make sure that they do it right?

Businesses are investing in outsourced security

So how can we help these small and medium businesses protect themselves? Recent trends indicate that businesses overall are increasingly investing in outsourced security.


According to research firm Gartner, in 2016 the market for outsourced security totalled $15.9 billion, an increase of $2.1 billion from 2 years prior when the market was worth $13.8 billion. This is set to grow annually at a rate of 12 percent through to 2020. This is indicative of the growth in the market for the outsourcing of security and compliance services.


Acquiring organisations are in a strong position to offer security services to their customers. Security tools that align with the PCI DSS are one level of protection, however with the growth of the Internet of Things, data security extends to all types of devices.


According to a survey by Visa Europe, nearly two thirds (59 per cent) of UK small businesses confirmed that they trust their business bank or building society. Acquiring organisations can build on this trust by providing additional security and compliance products and services to their customers.

Profiling your customers

As with every product or service offering, knowing what to offer and to who, is key to forming your proposition. Gathering information and profiling individual businesses is easily done through our level 4 programmes. This helps to create a clear picture of the security and compliance needs of each and every business, which in turn informs what security products and services are relevant.


To take this a step further, we can now hand hold these businesses, helping them every step of this way on their security and compliance journey. For businesses who are struggling to understand security requirements, outsourcing these challenges is a massive relief.


Helping them to answer a key problem – “how can I protect my business when I am not technically savvy and I don’t understand the complexity of cyber security”.


Security and Compliance is complicated. We simplify it, by taking the work away from the customer with Sysnet Proactive Data Security. We offer a full range of services that can help your customers at whatever stage they are with outsourced assistance. For further information fill out the call back form below.


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