Sysnet provides qualified assessment of Ecentric Payment Systems’ Decryption Environment component against P2PE V2

Sysnet provides qualified assessment of Ecentric Payment Systems’ Decryption Environment component against P2PE V2
Another Global First

December 13th, 2016, Dublin – Ireland, Cape Town – South Africa


Sysnet Global Solutions today announced that it is the first organisation, globally, to provide qualified assessment for a P2PE version 2 Decryption Management Service. Ecentric Payment Systems, one of South Africa’s preferred payment processors, has been listed as a decryption provider component against point-to-point encryption (P2PE) version 2 of the standard. Ecentric have been designated the number 001, meaning that Sysnet is the first organisation globally, to provide qualified assessment of a component for version 2 of P2PE.


This represents the second instance this year in which Sysnet has produced a world first. Earlier this Year, Sysnet was the first Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC) to register a payment application point-to-point encryption (PA-P2PE), version 2 component listing.


“Keeping up to date with the PCI DSS standard is important for organisations to reduce their risk by helping their merchant customers address emerging threats,” said James Devoy, CSO & Global Head of Risk & Assurance, at Sysnet Global Solutions.


“We are delighted to be supporting Ecentric Payment Systems as the first payment provider that has been listed against the P2PE version 2 of the standard for this component.”


P2PE protects cardholder data and authentication data by making it unreadable until it reaches the secure decryption environment. “At Ecentric, we recognise that keeping ahead of emerging threats is essential, our clients’ security is of paramount importance to us. By engaging with Sysnet Global Solutions we have ensured that we are one step ahead of threats from cybercrime. We are excited to announce that we are the first decryption provider globally against the P2PE version 2 of the standard.” said Hassen Sheik, Director at Ecentric Payment Systems.




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