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Our expertise will make your outreach campaign a success

Conducting an outreach campaign can be tricky to get right as well as resource heavy. Responding to market conditions while also proactively engaging your customers through their preferred channels can be difficult to achieve successfully. It can make sense to outsource, however often providers are not specialised or experienced enough in conducting an outreach security and compliance campaign.


That’s where Sysnet can help, having among the highest engagement and compliance rates in the industry, we understand a thing or two about outreach campaigns. One way that we achieve this is through our highly trained multi-lingual and multi-channel contact centre.


They answer 99% of all incoming calls, with 89% answered within 20 seconds. But answering a call is only one part of the equation. How that call is answered plays a vital role, that’s why we provide a minimum of three weeks training to our new associates, and ongoing training provided to our current associates.


Keep communication simple


Using everyday language and avoiding technical jargon plays a significant role in making customers feel that they are being handheld and guided. We also monitor the quality of the calls carried out by our associates, ensuring that the calls are answered with energy, a positive impression is created and lastly ensuring that we solved the query or challenge of the customer.


If your organisation is planning a campaign then Sysnet can help. We consistently measure our customer service level to ensure we provide the best service in the industry.


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