Cyber crime – Protecting your business

Cyber crime - Protecting your business

Online commerce has created incredible new opportunities for businesses to market and sell services globally. Many businesses, in particular small to medium ones, often do not consider that they could be targeted by cyber crime. The reality, unfortunately is that small to medium businesses are now very much being targeted by cyber criminals as many are unprepared.


Criminals are often opportunists

Whiles websites can be easy to set up, they are often not so easy to secure. Many criminals are opportunists, meaning that they will look to take advantage of any businesses that are easily exploited. Indeed, businesses are not necessarily being deliberately targeted, many cyber crime attacks are automated to look out for and target the low-hanging fruit that are poorly secured and vulnerable businesses. For the ecommerce merchant there are two main types of cyber crime to be aware of; data theft and fraudulent transactions. In the following video ‘Protecting your business against cyber crimes’ we analyse the facts and provide suggestions of how best to avoid becoming the next victim. Prevention is often better than the cure.

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Cyber crime like it or not is here to stay, the more you have to lose the more it needs protecting. For further information on preventive steps read our article ‘Cybercrime is increasing – Preventative steps for businesses’.


Cybercrime is increasing – Preventative steps for businesses



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