ASV external vulnerability scans explained

ASV external vulnerability scans explained

Requirement 11.2.2 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, otherwise known as the ASV scanning requirement, affects a significant number of businesses. These businesses need to engage an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV to run external vulnerability scans quarterly.


It can be difficult for these companies to understand what ASV external vulnerability scanning is, what their responsibilities are and why it’s necessary for them to do it.


The language surrounding ASV scanning is often very technical and complicated. That’s why we have created this downloadable factsheet entitled ‘ASV external vulnerability scans explained’ so that you can share it with your customers that are in scope.


Our factsheet explains in simpler terms what it is, how to achieve valid and compliant ASV scans and why it’s important.


At Sysnet we are proactively working with our clients to ensure that all communications are as simplified as they can be, so that businesses can progress through the compliance journey in the easiest and most efficient way possible.


This process is something that we are constantly working on, refining and tuning things to ensure that your customers feel that they have the complete picture when it comes to ensuring that their business is secure and compliant.


If you would like to talk us about how we are consistently improving our products and communications, request a call back.


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