Sysnet Launches Tailored PCI DSS Solution for Payment Facilitators

Sysnet Launches Tailored PCI DSS Solution for Payment Facilitators

October 2, 2019, Dublin, Ireland – Atlanta, Georgia – London, United Kingdom – Sysnet Global Solutions has announced the launch of its PCI DSS solution designed to help payment facilitators,  their sub-merchants, and their Acquirers increase PCI compliance and reduce risk.


The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of comprehensive requirements developed by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Council for enhancing the security of payment account data, transactions, and payment systems. Since incorporation, Sysnet has delivered a best-in-class solution to support financial service providers, and their merchants, navigate this stringent regulation.


The payment facilitator model is one that continues to grow in popularity. While being hugely beneficial to the payments ecosystem, it does present a number of inherent risks. Sysnet’s PCI DSS solution is simple and convenient, supporting payment facilitators to reduce this risk by managing both their own and their sub-merchants compliance. The solution gives these businesses the ability to report on the compliance status of their merchant portfolio regardless of size.


Sysnet’s PCI Payment Facilitator solution is also of great benefit to Acquiring organisations who manage and report on the compliance status of Payment Facilitators and their sub-merchants, helping them in turn to reduce risk and increase compliance within their merchant portfolio.


Paul Prior, SVP Product at Sysnet Global Solutions, commented: “Payment facilitators operate in a unique way, requiring tailored solutions to help meet both the PCI DSS requirements for their business and for their sub-merchants.”


“Sysnet provides security and compliance management solutions to many of the world’s largest acquirers. It is, therefore, best placed to provide solutions that help payment facilitators to meet their PCI DSS requirements efficiently. In turn, securing the payment chain end-to-end. These efficiencies benefit both payment facilitators and the acquirers who serve them.”


Sysnet’s PCI DSS solution is fully white-labelled and configurable in the merchant portal, enabling payment facilitators to both meet their PCI DSS requirement and maintain a direct relationship with their sub-merchants.


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