Sysnet CEO Gabe Moynagh secures his place in the ETA’s Forty under 40


The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) has announced its annual Forty Under 40 list and we are thrilled to confirm that our CEO, Gabe Moynagh, is amongst this year’s picks. The prestigious list showcases 40 leaders across the digital payments ecosystem who are revolutionising the industry.

The ETA builds its list from those who have impacted the industry and have a proven professional portfolio that has pushed the industry forward, something Gabe has done in abundance. A driving force behind boosting compliance levels across the financial industry, he has helped to grow Sysnet exponentially over the last decade.

Sysnet’s most recent report is evidence of Gabe’s commitment to championing compliance, showing that the majority of the world’s largest acquiring organisations expect over 70% of their merchant customers to be compliant and that they are willing to be pro-active in ensuring this will happen, as opposed to simply focusing on fines. Under Gabe’s direction, Sysnet has achieved some of its greatest successes, becoming a qualified security assessor, developing a cybersecurity software solution for acquirers and processors and expanded into the US. All of these achievements were recognised by the ETA and is why Gabe received his position on this highly sought-after list.

For the next generation of influencers’ Gabe advises that “With the ever-evolving nature of this industry, it is always important to have a natural curiosity about how everything works. It’s essential to read up and stay on top of all the latest trends. It requires being a good listener, especially to customers as there is no point developing great products if they don’t address real customer issues. You also need to have both the drive and ambition to build yourself up in the industry while supporting the company you work for. This can be achieved by continuously learning new things about the industry and use the latest trends before they become obsolete. This ability to adapt and change, especially in line with the demand of the industry and regulatory change, is key to development and making your business stand-out amongst its competitors.

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