Employee Success Story — Maria Donohue

Maria Donohue discusses her career progression so far at Sysnet.
Your name and role at Sysnet.

Hi my name is Maria and my current role within Sysnet is Head of operations for EMEA.

Role you started in at Sysnet and when?

I started in Sysnet Global solutions in July of 2016 as a contact centre sales associate.

Tell us about your career progression and current role.

I was hired as part of the first group of sales associates within Sysnet to launch PDS for the first time, with one of our US clients. I was a sales associate for an 8-month period when a team manager position arose, I applied and was successful in March 2017.

From then I managed a sales team and was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with our team in Atlanta, in January 2018 I flew to Atlanta for the first time and spent 6 months there helping build and progress the PDS programmes in the US.

On my return to Dublin, I was given the opportunity to step into an operations manager role to manage one of our biggest PDS launches in the EU, I went on to manage two very successful PDS campaigns. In December 2020, a role for Head of operations EMEA was advertised and i felt at the time I had enough experience and knowledge in which I have gained through my journey with Sysnet and the opportunities I had been given. I applied for the role and was successful and my new role now is Head of Operations EMEA.

What about the working environment encouraged you to progress in Sysnet?

Previously I worked and managed make up counters, so I was never part of a big team until I started working for Sysnet. The team dynamic was new to me and I found that I worked best as part of a big team in a target driven environment. I was encouraged by my team manager at the time Fiona Kemple to take my previous manager experience and apply it to my new working environment I was in. There was also an opportunity to learn more outside of my role and this enabled me to understand more about how the company works and the diversity of the roles I could progress into.

There was always an open environment where I could ask any question I wanted to and share my own ideas for my own progression or ways to get more involved. It was this encouraging atmosphere that allowed me to see the opportunity there was within Sysnet and ask the right questions on how I could get there.

Has there been any stand-out moments/opportunities that you feel have improved your chances of progression within Sysnet?

My biggest stand out moment in Sysnet was been given the opportunity to go to Atlanta for 6 months. Whilst in Atlanta I learned so much about myself as a person and how to overcome situations, with trusting my instinct and using my own initiative. This experience opened many opportunities for me and taught me that if you are offered something outside of your comfort zone always take a chance and go for it as you never know what doors it may open for you.

Do you have any advice/suggestions for someone who may have just started who is looking to progress?

My advice would be that there is always an opportunity there even if it is not obvious. Make sure to get yourself known by getting involved in any projects or tasks that arise, ask the right questions and make sure you have made your interests known to your reporting manager. Sysnet is in a constant state of growth so you never know when the next opportunity will come up.

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