Complex Merchant Compliance Management | Compliance Solution

Larger, Higher Value

Merchants that your team have a close relationship with are typically larger, high value, high transaction volume merchants with complex technology environments. The compliance requirements for these merchants are also managed through Sysnet.air.

Solution key features;

Track merchant progress

Track your key customers’ progress towards their achievement of compliance.

Log and track engagement

Log and track engagement and interaction with each VIP account.

Monitor team activity

Monitor your compliance team’s activity. Upload and store multiple report types to a single central repository. Sysnet.air configures and outputs card scheme reports in the required format.

Key Benefits

◼︎ Identifies and addresses real merchant risk


◼︎ Drives engagement with your entire merchant base


◼︎ Enhances your value proposition; your information security and compliance program becomes an asset for your sales team

◼︎ Creates customer ‘stickiness’ through the provision of relevant value-added solutions


◼︎ Shared revenue model

Sysnet suite of services

Sysnet helps build and support mutually beneficial relationships
between our clients and their customers globally through market-leading software,
end-to-end services and best-in-class support.

Complex Merchant Compliance Management | Compliance Solution

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