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We offer practical, security solutions. Operating in over 57 countries, our team of experienced security experts can direct you to the best solutions for your organisation. We use a smart risk approach for the management of your security.


We offer a wide variety of security and compliance services which include:

Information systems risk management

A tailored approach to risk assessment, based on our clients’ business goals, and aligned to industry best practice.


We assist organisations in achieving their security goals with our expert personnel that are placed in a company’s operational teams.

Audit & assurance

Our Audit and Assurance services are provided in order to assist clients in evaluating their internal control design and effectiveness.

Testing services

Our security testing team are skilled in a wide range of techniques and can identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber-criminals.


Standards Advisory

We can assist in developing a holistic framework for managing all your compliance requirements, whilst ensuring that the goal of good security is not lost in the compliance process.

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