Solving data management bottlenecks

In a previous article entitled ‘Solving the tribal knowledge problem’ we discussed the challenge that many organisations have where a customer is being managed by a small team or an individual and the sharing of knowledge to other team members does not happen outside of that circle. In the following article we examine how PCI […]

Customer engagement - driving compliance through customer engagement
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Customer engagement – driving compliance through customer engagement

Many factors can impact the effective delivery of a PCI programme for acquirers, processors and ISOs.  From how customers are engaging with their PCI programme to what channel and communications are compelling them to take action.   Download our Best Practice Guide where we take a look at how an omni-channel approach can improve customer […]

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Managing the Compliance process in PCI Level 1, 2 & other strategically important merchants

by Paul Prior, SVP Client Engagement   VISA Inc, in a bulletin issued the middle of last year outlined enhancements to their PCI DSS Enforcement Plan for merchants and service providers. The plan defined a structure of escalating consequences for entities either with expired PCI DSS Compliance or those who have never demonstrated PCI DSS […]


Sysnet Global Solutions launches $1.00 PCI Compliance for the U.S. ISO Market

July 22nd, 2015, Dublin, Ireland / Atlanta, Georgia – Sysnet Global Solutions, today announced the launch of a low cost, express version of its compliance management solution for just $1.00 per merchant, per month. ComplianceMaker Express has been developed specifically for the U.S. ISO Market and will enable ISOs to provide their merchants with a […]