Conditions of Issuing


  • Sysnet has issued this certificate to indicate that the aforementioned company has attested that they have met the requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard(s) as stated.
  • The PCI Security Standards Council (“PCI SSC”) representing card schemes, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card,and JCB, produce and maintain the security standards and all content within same. Sysnet do not hold any responsibility for the content or requirements of the PCI security standards.
  • This certificate is not endorsed by the PCI SSC and is produced solely by Sysnet for the records of the aforementioned company to indicate that they have validated their compliance.
  • This certificate offers no guarantee to the security, availability, or integrity of any systems or data held by the aforementioned company. Accordingly Sysnet accepts no liability to any third party in the event of loss or damage to systems or data due to any perceived lack of security or breakdown of current security measures.
  • Attestation to Compliance occurs at a point in time. This may not cover future compliance due to the changing nature of network and application infrastructures, future vulnerabilities or advances in hacking techniques or subsequent failure to act in accordance with applicable PCI DSS requirements.