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Basic cyber threats explained

Businesses, in particular small to medium ones, often do not consider that they could be targeted by cybercrime. Unfortunately, the reality is that many small to medium businesses are now very much being targeted by cyber-criminals. The vast majority of criminals are opportunists, meaning that they will look to take advantage of any businesses that are […]

Simple Cyber Security threats every small business owner should know about
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Simple cyber security threats every small business owner should know about

Cyber security is a wide-ranging term that can relate to a plethora of complicated issues that are far above the head of the average person. However, small businesses can take strides towards making themselves more secure by taking simple steps to secure their information by avoiding negligent security habits.   These small practices begin with […]

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Ecommerce Security and PCI DSS compliance – Encouraging security awareness, Part 2

by Natasja Bolton, Acquirer Support Manager, Risk and Assurance Division In part 1 last week, I discussed how businesses may be putting themselves at risk by assuming that ‘PCI DSS compliant’ also meant secure, (for part 1 please click here).    Maybe what we should be doing is encouraging businesses to focus less on compliance as […]