Data breach: Prepare your Business
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Data breach: Prepare your Business

The PCI DSS v3.2 Self-Assessment Questionnaires requires that all merchants have an Incident Response Plan, regardless of their size, volume of transactions or the extent to which they have outsourced the handling of payment card data. This is to make sure they can respond effectively in the event of a breach that could impact payment […]

Cybercrime is increasing – Preventative steps for businesses
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Cybercrime is increasing – Preventative steps for businesses

By Jason McWhirr, Information Security Consultant Globally, criminals are increasingly abandoning the more traditional approaches to crime. They are looking to the internet for their targets and using it as their preferred route to perpetrate criminal activity. The UK National Crime Agency’s Cyber Crime Assessment 2016 reports that cybercrime has now over taken traditional crime […]


Planning for a Data Breach – are businesses ready to meet their legal obligations?

By Natasja Bolton, Senior Acquirer Support QSA   In order to help your merchant businesses with the definition and documentation of their Incident Response Plan, Sysnet has created a template document – Download the Security Incident Response Plan Template.   All merchants self-assessing their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance now need […]

Why cyber insurance grew in popularity in 2015
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Why cyber insurance grew in popularity in 2015

by Dr. Grigorios Fragkos, VP Cybersecurity The Cyber Liability Insurance Cover (CLIC) or otherwise referred to as cyber insurance, is a market that grew significantly in 2015. One of the main factors that significantly contributed to this growth is the constant increase of threats in the cyber space and more specifically the high profile data breaches that […]

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Cyber Security Innovation Voucher Scheme to help SMBs

Global data breach and security threat reports continue to highlight that all organisations both large and small may be subject to cyber attacks.  As Forbes pointed out in a recent article, in 2014 “60 percent of all targeted attacks struck small- and medium-sized organizations”.   In previous blog entries, we discussed that these smaller organisations […]

What's the real cost of a data breach?
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What’s the real cost of a data breach?

Research shows that the cost of non-compliance with the PCI DSS can be two and a half times more expensive than protecting your customer’s data.   Small merchants are often not safer than larger ones, in fact they are more likely to be targeted by data thieves due to not investing in the necessary resources. […]