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Sysnet’s Natasja Bolton discusses involvement in Small Merchant Taskforce

We recently reported that Sysnet’s Natasja Bolton, Senior Acquirer Support had contributed to the development of new payment resources to help small merchants and their banks defend against cybercrime. In this follow-up article we asked Natasja to elaborate further on what her role entailed and how she contributed to the development of this new vital […]


SMB security a vital component of your overall security strategy

Just in the the US alone, there are approximately 28 million SMBs many of which struggle with keeping their business safe from cybercriminals, they often lack the knowledge, resources and budget to implement a suitable cybersecurity plan. Given the sheer volume of SMBs within the majority of acquiring portfolios, the security of these customers can have a large […]

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Using data to build better relationships with your SMBs

Every engagement with a client provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with them. By ensuring that each contact makes them feel that they have a strong business partner that they can trust, rely on, and build their business with, you are fueling their loyalty and strengthening your customer relationship.   Conversely, each […]

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Security – who cares about small businesses? We do!

Most small businesses know that their customers’ loyalty is key to their success and constantly strive to keep their customers happy and coming back time and time again. However, many don’t realise that failing to secure their customers sensitive payment information, puts not only their customers’ loyalty but also the survival of their business at […]

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“EMV transition is overwhelming” – Many SMBs struggle with the liability change

With the EMV transition deadline of October 1st having passed, many small business have still not upgraded their terminals to the new standard and many are not aware of the financial and legal liabilities that they are now responsible for. In fact many small business are feeling overwhelmed, according to a recent article on […]

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Sysnet.air – Brochure

Our award-winning, cyber security and compliance management solution   Sysnet.air is an award-winning, cyber security and compliance management solution that helps businesses to improve security, and acquiring organisations to reduce risk. Sysnet.air has been designed to simplify security and compliance for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) by profiling the business and personalising service offerings […]


PCI P2PE Version 2, Its impact for acquirers and their merchants

by Jason McWhirr, Acquirer Support Consultant Back in June, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) release version 2.0 of the Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) standard.   What is P2PE? A P2PE system in a retail environment is designed to securely encrypt cardholder data from a merchant’s POI (Point of Interaction) device or POS […]