Non-compliance fees; considering alternative approaches
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Non-compliance fees; considering alternative approaches

Non-compliance fees are viewed by many as an acceptable short-term solution to a merchant’s unwillingness to engage with a compliance program. However, often despite the best efforts by acquirers, some merchants continue to remain disengaged. So when a merchant ignores notifications regarding their non-compliance status and the application of non-compliance fees, it may be time […]

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Sysnet’s Natasja Bolton discusses involvement in Small Merchant Taskforce

We recently reported that Sysnet’s Natasja Bolton, Senior Acquirer Support had contributed to the development of new payment resources to help small merchants and their banks defend against cybercrime. In this follow-up article we asked Natasja to elaborate further on what her role entailed and how she contributed to the development of this new vital […]


Managed Services

For many businesses the task of reporting their compliance and maintaining the security of their systems can be challenging. We understand that security and compliance can be complicated. Sysnet simplify it, by taking the work away from businesses with our Proactive Data Security services.   For further information click here

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EMV – Taking care of business in the U.S

With 85% of merchant businesses unaware of the financial and legal liabilities they’ll be responsible for starting at the beginning of October, we take a look at the key impacts that will affect these businesses. “Download our whitepaper: Taking-Care-of-Business-in-the-U.S. where we examine what the impact the EMV roll out will have on merchants and list potential […]

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Merchant breach protection – minimising the impact in the event of an account data compromise

by Jason McWhirr, Information Security Consultant, Consulting Services Sysnet’s QSA community has observed that in recent months merchants have become bolder in challenging why compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is necessary for their business; challenging what they see as a costly and time-consuming imposition when they believe there is […]

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What the payments industry can learn from the fall of the Roman empire

by Ferdinand Roberts, Global Head of Sales & Strategic Partnerships Anyone who has ever taken the time to examine the dynamics of markets will notice the cyclical characteristics they exhibit over time. Apart from the economic theory that surrounds this, to me, it suggests something more fundamental. At the heart of many of these cycles […]