Elavon partners with Sysnet to provide their EU customers with Secured Pro
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Elavon partners with Sysnet to provide their EU customers with Secured Pro

Today, Sysnet Global Solutions a leading provider of cyber security and compliance solutions to the payments industry, announced that it has partnered with Elavon Merchant Services to develop Secured Pro; a managed PCI compliance validation and cyber security service that offers enhanced protection against fraud and payment security breaches.   “A new approach to compliance […]

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Cyber security threats – Keeping your customers safe with proactive data security services

  In a previous article, written by Sysnet’s Paul Prior, Paul mentioned how he believed that a change was necessary in the industry. A move away from using non-compliance fees as a mechanism to drive engagement and compliance. He highlighted that most of Sysnet’s clients are evangelising the importance of PCI DSS, however not in […]

New tools in the fight against ransomware
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New tools in the fight against ransomware

With ransomware showing no signs of disappearing soon, a central repository website entitled “No-More-Ransom” has been established to disrupt cybercriminal businesses with ransomware connections. Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre has teamed up with the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police, and two cyber security companies to offer advice and troubleshooting services.   A […]

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Cyber Security Innovation Voucher Scheme to help SMBs

Global data breach and security threat reports continue to highlight that all organisations both large and small may be subject to cyber attacks.  As Forbes pointed out in a recent article, in 2014 “60 percent of all targeted attacks struck small- and medium-sized organizations”. In previous blog entries, we discussed that these smaller organisations are […]

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Risk & Assurance – Brochure

Sysnet is a true global market leader in Cyber Security Risk and Assurance, providing a comprehensive range of information security consultancy and assurance services in over 48 countries. Sysnet helps some of the largest global organisations to protect their business. We count brand names such as Walmart, The AA, AXA Insurance, Direct Line Group, Bloomberg,  DHL, Pennys-Primark, […]

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Sysnet.air – Brochure

Our award-winning, cyber security and compliance management solution Sysnet.air is an award-winning, cyber security and compliance management solution that helps businesses to improve security, and acquiring organisations to reduce risk. Sysnet.air has been designed to simplify security and compliance for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) by profiling the business and personalising service offerings that […]

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Understanding the significance of Operations Security (OPSEC) in a fast evolving threat landscape

by Dr. Grigorios Fragkos, Senior Information Security Consultant, SysnetLabs It is not the first time a military term is being used by the Information Security community in order to describe an Information Assurance process. Operations Security (OPSEC) is a military term referring to the protection of different types of unclassified information which could end up […]