Solving the tribal knowledge problem

The concept of a connected workplace or even a virtual work space is certainly not a new one, and with cloud-based technology advancing at an increasingly fast pace, it is getting easier to get closer to this concept. However, in the case where a customer is being managed by a small team, or even one […]

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New acquirer responsibilities – Strong customer authentication under forthcoming EU legislation

By Natasja Bolton, Acquirer Support Manager In our December Ecommerce article we discussed the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) new guidelines for the security of internet payments and the possibility that, with the need to enhance protection of consumers against online payment fraud, presenting Payment Service Provider (PSP) hosted payment pages in iFrames may no longer be acceptable. […]


SMB security a vital component of your overall security strategy

Just in the the US alone, there are approximately 28 million SMBs many of which struggle with keeping their business safe from cybercriminals, they often lack the knowledge, resources and budget to implement a suitable cybersecurity plan. Given the sheer volume of SMBs within the majority of acquiring portfolios, the security of these customers can have a large […]

Merchant aggregators – A risky prospect?
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Merchant aggregators – A risky prospect?

Over the past number of years the merchant aggregator model has become more and more popular to the point where it might even be considered commonplace. These enterprises that essentially bring together a fragmented marketplace, funnel and process multiple merchant transactions through a single account. Well-known merchant aggregator brands such as Paypal, Checkout by Amazon […]

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Using data to build better relationships with your SMBs

Every engagement with a client provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with them. By ensuring that each contact makes them feel that they have a strong business partner that they can trust, rely on, and build their business with, you are fueling their loyalty and strengthening your customer relationship. Conversely, each negative […]

Customer engagement - driving compliance through customer engagement
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Customer engagement – driving compliance through customer engagement

Many factors can impact the effective delivery of a PCI programme for acquirers, processors and ISOs.  From how customers are engaging with their PCI programme to what channel and communications are compelling them to take action.   Download our Best Practice Guide where we take a look at how an omni-channel approach can improve customer […]

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Easier PCI compliance with PCI-validated P2PE Solution

by Jason McWhirr, IS Consultant Not surprisingly, most retailers are focussed on their customers and sales, using the tools that best facilitate that, not on security systems to protect cardholder data – despite the hazards that a data breach could present.   Sysnet’s contact centre and acquirer support teams help retail merchants with their annual […]

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Merchant breach protection – minimising the impact in the event of an account data compromise

by Jason McWhirr, Information Security Consultant, Consulting Services Sysnet’s QSA community has observed that in recent months merchants have become bolder in challenging why compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is necessary for their business; challenging what they see as a costly and time-consuming imposition when they believe there is […]


How to prevent a business from being the next exploited target

by Dr. Grigorios Fragkos, Senior Information Security Consultant, SysnetLabs Over the past few years, cyber security has become a high priority task on the agenda of every organisation that wants to: prevent unpleasant security incidents, avoid being breached by sophisticated attacks and Advance Persistent Threats, detect malicious activity which is specifically designed to evade detection […]

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What the payments industry can learn from the fall of the Roman empire

by Ferdinand Roberts, Global Head of Sales & Strategic Partnerships Anyone who has ever taken the time to examine the dynamics of markets will notice the cyclical characteristics they exhibit over time. Apart from the economic theory that surrounds this, to me, it suggests something more fundamental. At the heart of many of these cycles […]


How to strengthen merchant relationships and reduce churn

Merchant retention remains a top challenge and major priority for many acquiring organisations, as churn rates can greatly hinder success. In fact, a recent Discover study determined that merchant attrition in the United States is approximately 20 per cent annually, of which 16 per cent switch to an alternate acquirer and 4 per cent go out of business entirely. Moreover, Discover […]