Information security policy template


Small to medium businesses can find it a struggle to navigate security and compliance standards such as PCI DSS. Therefore resources that can make the process that little bit easier and less complicated are often received very positively.


Helpful assistance

This is why we provide a download-able information security policy template for our client’s customers. The template is suggested to businesses as they traverse their security and compliance via the portal and is sent directly as part of our Managed Services. It provides additional structure and automatically answers some of the more complex questions in their assessment.


It encompasses all aspects of security when it comes to confidential company information and must be distributed to all company employees. The form must be read and signed, confirming that all employees understand the policy. It’s required that the document is reviewed and updated by management on an annual basis.


We also provide educational materials such as videos and written content, so as to educate and inform them. The following video ‘Information Security Policies’ is an example of how Sysnet communicates clearly these messages to your customers.


To learn more about how we can assist your customers, including Sysnet’s Managed Services which forwards helpful templates directly to your customers, request a callback or email


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